Monday, January 18, 2010

Argosy University Blog-Off Competition!

Attention Argosy University Students & Alumni!

We invite you to participate in AU's first ever Blog-Off Competition.

What is it?

A competition between the online AU community that involves participants submitting a personal blog entry about the topic listed below. Entires must be 300-600 words and be received by 1/27/10.

What is the topic?

Current Students:

Tell the Argosy University community and others how obtaining your education from AU is bettering your future. Are you getting a degree to become a teacher? Do you want to make your parents proud, or be better able to provide for your children? There are numerous reason for obtaining an education from Argosy University, and we would like to know your personal story, and spread these inspiring stories to others.


Let the AU community know what you've done with your degree, and how your life is different because of it. Do you think you would've gone as far without a higher education? What is now possible because of your time at Argosy University? Submit your story today.

What does receiving an education mean to you? What will you do with it, and why are you considering Argosy University, or how has it positively changed a life of someone you know?

How to enter:

1. Write an entry based on our topic, and post it on your personal blog (blogger, wordpress, etc.).

2. Visit the following social network sites and submit one link to your blog entry. Entries that do not link back to your personal blog will not be valid. Make sure the link you send us works, and is linked directly to your AU entry.

Blogger: Leave us a link to your blog entry in our comment section below!

Facebook: Visit our facebook fan pages and leave a link to your blog entry on any of our walls.

Ning: Send us a direct message with a link to your blog entry.

Twitter: Send us a direct message with a link to your blog entry.

Friendfeed: Send us a direct message with a link to your blog entry.

And the Winner is...

We will post the winning submission throughout our social networks, with a special mention on our blogger on 1/28/10.

I need a blog!

Piece of cake! Click on the link below to get started with your very own blogger blog.

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