Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Argosy University: College Informational Sessions

Collecting Vital Information Before Entering School

Entering college is an exciting time that requires a significant amount of preparation and planning. The matter of choosing a school demands a healthy amount of research and soul-searching, but several more questions arise once you've made the decision. Attending pre-college information sessions is the ideal way to gather imperative information that will answer lingering questions and help you map out your journey. Information sessions often include discussions on financial aid, admission procedures, and how the respective college will help guide your career choices and education.

Whether you've decided on what school to attend or still need help choosing the perfect school, information sessions will help you make educated choices about continuing your education. The event representatives are there to answer any questions you pose in order to smooth your transition process, so make the effort to prepare questions to ask during the session. If you can't come up with a sufficient list of questions before attending, ask friends, family, or your current teachers for their input. There's a good chance that college alumni have a collection of questions they wish they had asked before school began. If nothing else, the events will be rich with literature on the specific school, allowing you to collect materials that clearly detail how the school can accommodate your needs.

It's exceedingly important to take advantage of your resources before attending college. The more information you collect, the more confident you will be when you first step foot on campus grounds. Confidence will translate well with professors and help you maximize your time at school.

Argosy University hosts Open House events regularly at their 19 campus locations. Keep updated and visit Argosy University Online to view start times at the campus of your choice and RSVP!

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