Monday, October 1, 2012

Dr. Orlando Rivero is influencing the academic world using the knowledge and skills he learned from Argosy University, Sarasota.

Dr. Orlando Rivero is influencing the academic world using the knowledge and skills he learned from Argosy University, Sarasota.
“During the time I was searching for a Doctoral Program, I was looking for a program that would fit into my family and day-to-day responsibilities. I was also looking for an institution of learning that would academically challenge me to pursue my outer limits.   Through its faculty members, I was able to learn the importance of academic research.  Most importantly, the faculty had years of industry experience, which made sense to attend Argosy University to complete my degree program,” commented Rivero.
Before attending Argosy University, Rivero was employed for the Miami-Dade County government for 20 years where he received the 2004 National Association of Counties (NACO) Achievement Award for the implementation of several community driven programs in Miami-Dade County, Florida.  While employed at Miami Dade County government, Rivero graduated with a Master of Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University.  He later went on to further his education by graduating in 2005 with a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Management from Argosy University, Sarasota. From there, Rivero went on to work for multiple universities across the country assisting with implementation of public administration and management courses as well as sitting on several dissertation committees.
Currently, Rivero is the Director of the Business Department at Carlos Abilzu University in Miami, Florida. As the Director, he oversees undergraduate and graduate programs for over 150 students. He also helped establish curriculum designs for the first Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)/Master of Business Administration (MBA) online programs, revised and updated curriculums for all upper division BBA and MBA courses, doubled the number of faculty with terminal degrees, increased BBA/MBA enrollment by 50% within a year period, and established Future Business Leaders of America and Phi Beta Lambda Society and Sigma Delta Honor Society among other accomplishments.
“I was able to make a career change at the age of 40 years old and continue to reach my career goals and objectives.  This would not have been possible if I had not taken the initiative to complete my DBA program at Argosy University,” commented Rivero on how Argosy University made a difference within his life. “Stay focused and continue to inspire to be. I thought I knew what I truly wanted to become, but Argosy University allowed me to pursue my goals and objective further.  Choosing Argosy University to complete my DBA program was a wise decision then and thank goodness I followed my intuition.” 

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